Who are Crystal Clear Safety?

Crystal Clear Safety is a company dedicated to improving safety culture, compliance and the wellbeing of you and your staff. A passionate, professional and competent service is provided to help you push your business forward on health and safety management and compliance.

Crystal Clear Safety is here to help you improve.

A few of our main services

Crystal Clear Safety offers an accident investigation guidance service primarily. Other services can be offered if an accident occurs you do not feel can be resolved in-house.

Audit is the review of your company's practices against a set criteria. The set criteria can be anything from your safety management system, a company procedure or a specific piece of legislation.

By law businesses need access to a safety professional, but why pay for a full time manager if you don’t need one? We offer a simple phone service that fulfils this legal requirement and provides you with advice for a one off annual fee.

From general location to activity specific risk assessments, Crystal Clear Safety can do them all - or we can train you to do it in-house.

Regulation 5 of The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires every employer to have arrangements in place, proportionate to the size and nature of his/her business, for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures. Crystal Clear Safety can create your Safety Management System for you.