Safety Culture Education

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There is no legal requirement to invest in positive Safety Culture, but it goes without saying that the subject is high on the agenda for any successful business.

Safety Culture is defined as "a workforces collective perception of a businesses attitude towards safety". Essentially its what your collective workforce think of your approach and commitment to safety i.e. "our business holds safety in high regard" would be a demonstration of positive safety culture and "our business puts targets first and safety second" would be a demonstration of negative safety culture.

Safety culture can be negative or positive, and like a disease, it has symptoms that spread i.e. not wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

Improving safety culture can make serious changes to your businesses productivity, workforce morale and even workforce sickness.

Crystal Clear Safety holds Safety Culture close to its core and prides its self on guiding organisations to improve it. This could be by conducting safety culture surveys or sessions on barriers to safety culture.

Prices vary as all Safety Culture work is bespoke to your organisation. Contact us with details of what you require for a quote.